Sporting Group International and support safer gambling initiatives

Oct 19, 2021

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Global sports agency Sporting Group International (SGI) are delighted to announce they have been working alongside their client in a campaign to promote safer gambling across a multitude of sports including football, cricket and rugby.

The campaign saw clubs post a website story about how to be safe online whilst gambling including setting budget limits, taking a break and not gambling whilst emotionally distressed.

The article also highlights a number of organisations that can support customers with the prevention and cure of gambling addictions.

As part of the initiative, donated a generous amount of money to a number of gambling charities across the UK who do a fantastic job in supporting people through their gambling problems and addictions.

Steve Gummer, Director of commented ‘We are so pleased to see so many football clubs, cricket clubs and horse racing organisations throwing their support behind this initiative. Gambling addiction rates in the UK have risen during the pandemic, meaning companies like us have a responsibility to educate on safe gaming tactics, tools and ensure the betting community is aware of the support out there.’

Charlie Bannister, Head of Sponsorship at SGI, added ‘We were delighted to be a part of this initiative. Gambling is such a sensitive topic in sport and hopefully, with this campaign from, there is more of an awareness about how to stay safe and within your limits when placing a bet on a sport you enjoy.’

Sporting Group International and urge those who wish to participate in gambling, do so responsibly.

More information can be found at and